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Care-De Dezembro 30, 2019 No Comments

Today, we will talk about Disposable Underpads For Nursing Homes with you. I hope you are interested in it. Now, the distributors or deals can wholesale disposable underpads from Care-De which is a professional manufacturer in China. Let’s look at the construct of them. You know, there are various solutions for the adhesive connection of the fluff layer and the waterproof PE layer, and the adhesive along the sewing line is most suitable. This solution is best used when the suture line is straight. Specifically, the adhesive can be applied along the suture line, and then heated and pressurized to cure, so that the bonded connection line overlaps the suture line. Contact us now to get the best wholesale price. Email: sales@czcarede.com

All things about Disposable Underpads For Adults you should know. In the above technical solution, after the stitching and bonding are completed, the entire periphery of the fabric cloth layer, the velvet layer, the batting layer, and the waterproof layer may be sequentially superimposed and connected for hem seam. Specifically, the edge can be covered by a piping strip and then stitched along the edge.

The working principle of the utility model is to combine the hydrophilic nonwoven fabric layer functioning as a bedsheet. And the fleece layer that is soft, sterilizing and deodorizing, the flocking layer that is supporting and connecting, and the waterproof layer that prevents leakage. Manufacture of Disposable Medical Underpads with the potential to reduce costs.

Due to the application of the disposable incontinence underpads, the model has the following advantages compared with the prior art:

1. The utility model combines a four-layer structure to form a soft, thin disposable bed pad, which not only absorbs the advantages of the existing technology, overcomes the shortcomings, but also further develops. Well reflects the creative idea of ​​this technical solution.

2. The Hydrophilic Non-woven Fabric layer, fluff layer, and supporting layer of the utility model have better air permeability. And the waterproof layer has a better anti-leakage effect, especially after the sprayed cotton is used in the fleece layer. It has certain sterilization and detoxification. The deodorizing effect, especially suitable for hospital or family patients. The support layer not only plays the role of supporting the sprayed cotton but also can be well connected to the waterproof layer through the adhesive so that the waterproof layer maintains good leakage resistance. The use of tissue in the fabric layer can also make the patient feel better.

3. The four-layer superimposed combination structure of the bed pad model is simple and the design is reasonable. Especially the four-layer connection scheme can well connect the four layers as a whole without destroying the unique performance of each layer. The connection scheme is simple and feasible. With good processability, it is especially suitable for mechanized mass production. You see these Incontinence Bed Pads work well, and are suitable for seniors. People need to wholesale disposable underpads for their daily life.

4. You know the disposable medical underpads for home care, which plays an active role in improving the nursing level and quality of hospitalized patients and family patients. That is why they get more and more popular in the world. Buy Cheap Disposable Underpads in bulk at the lowest price.